We sell a selection of house coal, kindling, briquettes, smokeless coal and firelighters.

Coal Dust
Our Coal Dust is perfect for keeping your house warm through the night.  It's dampened down and..
Zip Fast & Clean Wrapped Firelighters.are indicidually wrapped, clean and convenient, odourless,..
Hotmax Fuel Logs
HOTMAX fuel logs enable you to generate high levels of heat very fast, they're competitively priced ..
House Coal Doubles
House coal is a non smokeless solid fuel ideal for open fires, but some people also burn it on multi..
Large Net Seasoned Logs
Seasoned hardwood logs, supplied in convenient nets...
Peat Briquettes
Snugafire smokeless peat briquettes are made from 100% natural materials with no additives. This tr..
Premium House Coal
Premium House coal is the next step up from traditional house coal, in terms of quality and performa..
Smokless Coal
Smokeless Coal is suitable for use in smoke controlled areas and can be used in multi fuel burners, ..
Super Size Kindling
Easy to light kindling, ideal for all types of fires. Available in super size pack...

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