Fertilisers & Sundries

Fertilisers & Sundries
Bayer & Garden Glyphosate Weedkiller
The glyphosate is a tough systemic weed killer, which is ideal for the control of difficult weeds.&n..
Doff Bonemeal
Slow release organic fertiliser for use all round the garden . Use on root crops peas,beans ,flowers..
Doff Chicken Manure
Doff's new organic Chicken Manure is not fresh out of the coop! It is a granulated fertiliser that s..
Doff Fish, Blood and Bone
This traditional style fertiliser, still favoured by many gardeners, provides the three major nutrie..
Doff Growmore
A traditional general purpose plant food, perfectly balanced for use all around the garden, supplies..
Doff Slug Killer
Nothing is worse than finding slugs have infested your garden and are laying waste to your prize shr..
Miracle Grow All Purpose Plant Food
Soluble plant food for all plants Size: 500g..

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